Michael Santos

Michael Santos

Digital marketing geek with a focus on experience and design. Passion for soccer, football, motorcycles, and tech. I don’t shy away from chicken parm.

#marketing   #webdesign   #experience   #tech   #soccer


G3 Communications  
Digital Ink Solutions  


William Paterson University


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  • How does this make any sense  @verizon  &  @tumblr ? Business before user experience? Hope that works out for you. https://t.co/jaAMNGAuxS 7 hours ago
  •  @marcoarment  What are the current advantages of Opus when compared to AAC/MP3? Smaller file sizes? Higher fidelity? 8 hours ago
  •  @caseyliss  Never seen that used before. Learn something new every day. Next Q- how do you type that out on iOS? 9 hours ago
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